Test with Insomnia

Insomnia is a really useful tool to test direct http request before coding them in your app. So you can test your API server directly before coding the client-side code.

Download the Free version of Insomnia


Start Insomnia, You can either create a new collection: Create -> Request,

or import mine Create -> Import from file (you can find the file in TcgEngine/Install folder).

Then click on your new collection to open the list of requests.

Register a user

From here you can create request to test your API. Let's try to create a new admin user. You can edit an existing request or create a new one.


Change the Body to JSON and put this as body:

    "username": "admin",
    "email": "admin@test.com",
    "password": "admin"

Since we are testing locally, the password/email doesn't matter for now. We just use something easy to remember.

Make sure NodeJS is running in your command line window, and click on SEND

If it works, hopefully you should see something like this.

    "success": true,
    "id": "64079a109630dced89a3f612"

Change ADMIN permission manually

NOTE: in the newest versions, the first user ever created will have admin permission by default. You can use the following step to manually change the permission of a user. But there is also a scene tool included in the engine now to change user permissions more easily.

To change permissions manually, you can open in Mongo Compass, click on your new user and change the permission_level to 10

This will allow the admin user to execute more function, and also let it grant permissions to other users if needed.

Other Request?

Http requests are usually called automatically by the Unity Client and Unity Server, but if you want to understand a bit more how they work in the background, you can try to run these in insomnia:



Change the Body to JSON and put this as body:

    "username": "admin",
    "password": "admin"

When login is sucessful, it will give you an access_token, you will need it to execute any requests that require authentication. Copy the access token you got (without the ")

Read the list of all users

Let's create a new request to read the list of all users


Leave the body empty, instead click on Headers and add one, as header name, write:


And as value paste the access token you got when login in.

Now click on send, it should show the full list of existing users.

Granting Permissions

If you also have a game server, you could create a "server" user with permission level 5. This will allow the user to give rewards and read other users, but won't let it assign permissions or delete users (only an admin can).

To set permission_level of a user through requests, if you already have at least 1 admin user, you can login with the admin user and use


Replace the ID at the end of the URL by the ID of the user you want to target. Use the authorization token of your admin user. And set the body to:

    "permission_level" : 5

There are only 4 relevant permission levels in this API. 1 for regular users, 5 for the game server, 10 for admins, and 0 for deactivated users.

Great, now you know how to use Insomnia, you can do the same for all other requests. To know which requests are possible, check the other sections of this doc, or check the .routes.js files inside the NodeJS code.

Testing request on the cloud server

To test online request, once you installed your cloud server, you can replace by the IP of your server, or your domain name. If you enabled https, you can also replace http by https in the URL. Other than that everything should work the same.

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