TCG Engine

TCG Engine is a template to create online card games in Unity. It supports both solo play and multiplayer on a dedicated authoritative server. It also comes with an AI coded with the Minimax algorithm.


There are 3 main app instances: Game Client (Unity), Game Server (Unity), and an optional Web API (NodeJS and MongoDB).

The NodeJS app is a HTTP API that handles user login, and save all their data into a database. Such as which cards they own, what are their current decks, and how much coins they have. Both the game client and game server can send http web requests (in JSON format) to the api. Some functions need special privilege (such as giving rewards) so that regular users can't give themselves rewards. On the other hand, things such as editing decks can be sent directly from the client.

Note that the Web API is completely optional and the template is designed to work without it (with the exception of some features such as the leaderboard and friend list). Without the API all user data will be saved locally instead.

The Unity Game Server handles all game actions and gameplay logic, and also does the matchmaking. The Game Server is not necessary if you only want to use the asset for solo play.

To run the game in solo you do not need to install any server, just run the client from Unity after importing the template (see asset installation).

Coding and Development

This is not a no-coding asset. And while cards and abilities can be edited directly from the data files (scriptable objects), you will need to edit the code to add features or change the core game rules. I made the decision to not include any custom editor GUI to keep the code as simple as possible and useable for a varied level of programming skills. A custom GUI editor would make the code a LOT more complex, and while they are nice at first for people with no experience, they can quickly become extremely limitative, or force you to do more programming for every task since you would need to consider the editor as well...

My goal is to encourage people to go and edit the code directly. I put a high priority on keeping the code clean and well structured. We have a Discord community for people to help each other if you are just starting with coding. And I will be glad to listen to any feedback to improve the code in future versions if needed.

Check the Scripts section for more info on the most important scripts, and how to inherit the base conditions and effects class to make your own.


Tutorial videos are available on Youtube.

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