Status are ongoing effects or skills afflicted to a card or player.

If you want an ability that grants a new permanent bonus or bonus that last for a few turns, it needs to be a status.

Exampled of status in the demo are: Taunt, Stealth, Silenced, Paralyzed...

Abilities can give status with a duration to a card. A duration of 0 means that it is permanent. Otherwise it represent the number of half-turns (each player count as a half-turn, so if you want something that last for 3 complete turns it should be set to 6).

Some status also have a "value" such as Armor which reduce damage by that value.

Since the effect of status are more varied and don't have specific timing like abilities, they are coded directly in the GameLogic.cs for each status (each one shouldn't take more than 2-3 lines of code). If you want to add new status you will need to edit the core rules in that script.

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