All cards can be edited in the Resources/Cards folder, you can use Ctrl-D on a card file to duplicate it if you want to create a new one.


the id is what is saved in the save file or database to know which cards a player own or which cards are in their deck. So once you choose an ID for a card, try to not change it, also try to avoid spaces or special characters in the ID. The title can be changed freely and can contain special characters (as long as your font support it).


There are currently 5 card types in the engine:

  • Character: Is played on the board and can attack

  • Artifact/Location: Is played on the board but cannot attack

  • Spell: Is discarded and its effect is resolved immediately

  • Secret: Stays hidden and will trigger during the opponent's turn if the trigger condition is met.

  • Equipment: Must be played on a character already in play. Will be discarded when the character dies. Maximum of 1 equip per character.


Traits do not have intrinsict effects, but can be referenced by abilities. For example the Alpha Wolf has an ability "All wolves gain +1 attack". This is done by adding the wolf trait to all wolf card, and by adding the condition is_wolf on the ability target.


References to the abilities this card has. See ability section for more details.

Deckbuilding, Packs and Cost

Cost is the price in coins to buy the card from the menu. If the deckbuilding checkbox is off, that card won't be seen in the deckbuilder. This is usually off for cards that can only be summoned by abilities. You can also assign in which pack a specific card can appear, it's rarity will determine the frequency of the card appearing when opening that pack.

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