Game Rules

In the demo, the game rules are quite similar to other online card games such as Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering.

Mana Cost: how much it cost to play the card from your hand.

Rarity: Rarer cards appear less often when opening packs. In the demo you have:

Green = Common, Blue = Uncommon, Yellow = Rare, Red = Mythic

Attack: When attacking, HP of the other card will be reduced by the attack of your card.

HP: When it reaches 0 the card is destroyed

Card Ability: Each card can have unique abilities explained when hovering the card.

Card Types

Characters: Cards placed on the board, with Attack and HP, that are able to attack other cards or the other player.

Artifacts: Also placed on the board, but cannot attack and has no attack value. Instead it usually has a passive ability.

Spells: One time effect resolved immediately when played, then it goes directly in your discard.

Secrets: When played, the card will stay hidden to the other player. It will be triggered (and effect resolved) during your opponent's turn when the trigger condition is met, described on each card.

Equipment: Must be played on a character already in play. Will be discarded when the character dies. Maximum of 1 equip per character.

Win Condition

Win when your opponent's HP is reduced to 0. You can reduce their HP by attacking the player directly with your creatures on the board. (Drag the attacker into the opponent's hand of cards).

Changing Game Rules

If your game needs a different set of rules. You will need to edit the scripts. The most important script for game rules is GameLogic.cs, as well as all game-data scripts in the Scripts/GameLogic folder. Such as Game.cs Player.cs Card.cs and Slot.cs

More info on this in the Scripts section.

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